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Mapping Luxembourg: a different approach to discover the City

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and would like to get a historical overview of the city from 1950 up until today?  Would you like to discover the city in a unique and visual manner?

Guided tours of Luxembourg City with the comfort of your home

This original concept of Mapping Luxembourg gives you the chance to take a virtual tour of the city of Luxembourg. It allows you to learn about what you see, its history and the main institutions in Luxembourg without getting up from your seat!

A fun and innovative project

Luxembourg’s Historic Town Museum and the National Archives got together to set up a project using plans and historical maps of the city to discover them in a fun and original way. This collaboration called Mapping Luxembourg gives you a historical overview of the city, placing each institution in the current urban landscape. The project enables you to reconstruct Luxembourg City from its origin to present day. You just click on the dot on the Luxembourg Mapping Google map to get a historical and photographical overview of the particular institution or building.

Recent photos, archived images, explanatory videos, architectural plans, … A great deal of material is available on the website to enable you to dive into the past and discover the City from a new angle, learning about the key players in its heritage (institutions, museums, squares, parks, …).

Two formats for one general view of the City

In order to allow visitors to see the City from a different viewpoint, Mapping Luxembourg offers two types of maps: the traditional map and a satellite image map on which you can better appreciate the City’s landscapes and scenery.

A trilingual website

The project was set up in French, German and English. Hence each information page is available in the three languages so that the site is accessible to as many people as possible.

Would you like a greater insight into the City’s different districts? Then have a look at our section “Luxembourg by District”!