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MAPITOP, the ideal App to find childcare in Luxembourg!

Do you need to find childcare in Luxembourg for one or several children? Are you looking for a nursery or a childcare solution but don’t know how to find out where there are places? Are you trying to find out what options are available near you? Then MAPITOP is the App for you!

Overview of local nurseries, babysitters and child care centers

Mapitop is a geolocation tool, which can give you a precise overview of nurseries, babysitters and day care centres near you or your workplace. Whether you live in Wiltz, Redange, Mersch, Echternach or the City centre you will find a number of childcare solutions.

The big advantage of this App is that everyday only those establishments which have space are on the App. Just go on the App Mapitop, choose your childcare option (Nanny, babysitter, day care centre, nursery, afterschool club, school assistant, …) and/or the area where you would like your child to be cared for in order to get a list of the options available to you. For each proposition you with get all the necessary details as well a description to help you make your choice and a reserve a place for your child.

The website is very useful, well designed and ideal for both newcomers in Luxembourg and existing residents looking for a childcare solution!

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