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Luxembourgian technical control : what changes should be taken into account?

Recently, the technical control system underwent a major reform. Since then, several changes have been implemented and the technical control was opened to competition!

Just Arrived and the ACL (Automobile Club Luxembourg) will provide you information on the changes to be taken into account.

What are those changes for vehicles technical control in Luxembourg ?

Regarding the procedure, nothing changes. However, the delays have been revised. Indeed, as explained by the ACL : "now, the first control for ordinary cars, motorcycles and trailers with a maximum allowable weight between 750 and 3.500 kg will take place 4 years after the first entry into service and no more 3 and a half years, the second control will be done two years later (i.e. 6 years after the first entry into service). Then, the periodic control will be carried out annually».

A new definition of the “historic vehicle”

The ACL specifies that the periodical control of historical vehicles has to be done every two years. The vehicles that entered into service before 1950 are not subject to technical control. However, the definition of this term has changed ! Now an entry into service period dating back to more than 25 years is no longer the ultimate criterion for classing a vehicle as “historic”. 3 criteria are now implemented : “the vehicle was built or registered for the first time at least 30 years ago. Its particular type, as defined by the legislation of the European or national Union, is no longer produced and it is preserved from an historical point and maintained in its original state with no essential change to the technical characteristics of its main components. 

Owner of historic vehicles, no panic however : as specified by the ACL “if your vehicle matches the old definition of an historic vehicle before the publication of the new legislation in the memorial, the vehicle will not lose this status "

And for the technical control for trailers?

Here again, the regulation has changed : "trailers that are not intended for the carriage of passengers and which maximum allowable weight is not exceeding 750 kg don’t have to pass the technical control anymore. However, you will need to have a conformity sticker that you can acquire by the SNCA (Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile – National Society of Vehicular Traffic. »

Still have to pass the technical control at the SCNT (Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique – National Society of Technical Control)?

The opening up to competition of the technical control might make you think that it is possible to go to another organization other than the SCNT to check your vehicle. In theory, this is correct. However, the SCNT and its partner garages are today the only organizations that are able to offer this service in Luxembourg. It is therefore, at the moment, still necessary to have recourse to their services.

Other administrative changes for technical control

The ACL also specifies that other administrative changes have also been introduced, as for example : no registration requirement anymore for some road vehicles (pedelec, motor-assisted wheelchair...), no obligation to formally forgo the technical control for the new owner who doesn’t want to submit to control his vehicle which is still covered by a valid certificate, in case of a change of ownership, as well as the abolition of the reduction of the validity period of the certificate of roadworthiness, in case of a late submission of the vehicle to the technical inspection.

* article written based on information gathered via the ACL

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