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Luxembourg: what to do at the border?

One of the great advantages of the city of Luxembourg is its geographic location.

Located just a step away from three foreign borders, it offers an unusual diversity in terms of activities to do abroad. Here are some ideas!

  • In Belgium

The proximity of Belgium with the city of Luxembourg is especially interesting in terms of commercial offers. Indeed, although Luxembourg is originally a city very well provided in stores and malls, the Belgian cities located at the Luxembourgian border are also full of shops of all kinds, that one can sometimes not find in Luxembourg. For example, the cities of Arlon and Messancy are known for their malls. In Messancy, the Village Center outlet Mc Arthur Glenn offers many brands at slashed prices. Hugo Boss, Clarks, Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas... You will find there many new and sale items. It is therefore a good plan if you like bargains. In addition, this outlet is nice, pleasant to visit, and it is located opposite of the Cora shopping arcades, gathering several fashion, decoration, electronics companies, as well as a supermarket. A restaurant and a bar were implanted inside the center for more convenience.

The Shopping Center of Hydrion d’Arlon is also highly appreciated in the region. It features more than 60 different brands, over all categories (fashion, cosmetics, perfumery, household appliances, jewelry, sport, pet store, decoration, bedding, furniture, ...). Its particularity? This is an open air mall, for an outdoor visit. Just a step away from highway, the Hydrion Shopping Center consists of a few shops Luxembourg can not benefit from, such as Leen Bakker, In Vogue, or Action. A large Ikea shop is also located about ten kilometres away.

Other activities, beside shopping, are also interesting to plan in Belgium. For example : a visit to the caves of Han (at 110km from Luxembourg), of the Abbey of Orval, the Euro Space Center or the bison farm.

  • In France

At the French border, the commercial offer is also interesting. For example, you can benefit from the shopping arcade of Auchan de Longwy/Mont-Saint-Martin, as well as from its many surrounding shops. The proximity with the city of Metz also gives you access to its downtown as well as a very appreciated outlet in the region : Marques Avenue.

Regarding entertainment, the activities in the neighboring French towns are also interesting. In fact, you can visit the Aquarium and the wonderful Zoo of Amnéville (at only 48km from Luxembourg), cruise the Flottine of Metz on an electric boat or on a barque, stroll around the Lake of Madinne, or even get to the famous Walygator Park, adored by children !

  • In Germany

At the German border, the tourism offer is varied. Several parks are for example recognized for the quality of their services : the EifelPark in Gondorf (amusement park for children located in the forest) and the Park of the Wolves in Merzig (29 wolves to observe released in a nature reserve). Regarding shopping, Trier and Saarbrücken are two nearby German cities, which commercial and tourist offer is interesting for the Luxembourgian residents. Indeed, in addition to their many shops, many everyday products are often sold cheaper there, in shops like DM. For example, the city of Saarbrücken is interesting for its huge Primark brand, very cheap and highly appreciated by young people, non-implanted on the Luxembourgian territory. Trier, meanwhile, is very nice to visit for its historical richness and its famous Porta Negra. The city is even more attractive from late November to late December, when its traditional Christmas market invests the premises. A wooded round-trip in Perl is also recommended for the lovers of natural landscape.