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Luxembourg: what are the main housing subsidies?

In Luxembourg, not only are real estate properties rare, but their price is often extremely high.Buying, renting, renovationg a housing is very expensivein the Grand-Duchy. IT IS NO SECRET : IN LUXEMBOURG, 

Fortunately, many housing subsidies are nevertheless proposed according to the situations. Just Arrived sheds some light on this subject!

Building or buying a house in Luxembourg

When you decide to build or buy a housing, you have several possibilities of subsidies. Among them, the main assistances are the building subsidy and acquisition premium, the savings premium as well as the State guarantee. These allow you to minimize the housing costs and to get a risk capital aid from the State. More info on benefits if you build or buy a house.

Renting a flat or a house

If you favor renting, there are also interesting housing subsidies that are available in Luxembourg. Among them are the State support to finance a rental guarantee (allowing you to receive assistance if you are unable to pay your deposit), the possibility to rent a subsidized housing as well as the possible recourse to social real estate agencies. More info on subsidies for renting housing in Luxembourg.

Renovating a housind or making special accomodations there

If you want to renovate your home in Luxembourg or carry out some work there, please be aware that in some cases, obtaining a premium for improvement is possible. This subsidy comes in particular, in most common cases, for work to restore safety and security in a housing as well as for the creation of new rooms or the expansion of existing rooms. Finally, if you make special accommodations for the benefit of a person with reduced mobility or with special needs in your housing, there is also a financial assistance. More info on benefits for renovating or making special accomodations in a house.

Two essential specialized services which can help you concerning housing 

Do you need information or advice concerning housing, housing subsidies or tax in Luxembourg ? Two services are available in Luxembourg to assist you in your approach of purchase, rental, renovation, improvement or construction of a housing : the housing Service as well as the Info'Logement center.

Want to learn more about housing in Luxembourg ? It’s here!