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Luxembourg : time for garage sales!

As it is the case every year, as soon as spring comes, the garage sales restart in Luxembourg-City !

These will be held every first Sunday of the month from April to October. Except for the garage sale of July (which will take place at the railway station), all of them will be held on the place Guillaume II. Several shops are also open for the occasion.

How do I register?

To register, you must be a private individual wishing to sell his own goods. Are excluded from sale all items prohibited by the Luxembourgian law, the sale of animals, new objects, as well as the sale of food or drinks.

A small novelty : in 2016, you can now register to a single garage sale. While in the previous years, the subscription was annual, now you can participate to only one garage sale. To do this, registrations will be open one month prior to the conduct of each garage sale. The first inscriptions are open from March 1st !

Want to participate? To do this, download the registration form here and go to the Service of the Festivities and Markets, 9 rue Chimay to submit it personally. A 5mx3m location costs 10 euros !

Which dates ?

April 3, May 8 (exceptionally on the 2nd Sunday of the month), June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4 and October 2.