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Luxembourg : new changes in the bus network

Last June, the removal of the Hamilius bus station, in the heart of Luxembourg, has caused an unavoidable reorganization of the city busses network. Today, these changes are adapted and adjusted to satisfy at best the users’ requirements.

Indeed, from this March 14, further changes will be introduced. Based on suggestions from the users, they are aimed to meet at best the population’s needs and to optimize the quality of the services provided by the bus network of Luxembourg City.

What changes?

Among those changes, inter alia, the creation of a new line: the line 7. It will depart from Pulvermuhl and Verlorenkost, will create a direct connection between the district of Bonnevoie and the Central Station and will strengthen the serving of Kirchberg for the existing stops. The new line will operate between 5.30 am and 9.30 pm.

The route of the line 8 in Belair will also be adapted to reinstall a direct link with the district of Kirchberg on the one hand and secondly with the commune of Strassen.

To ensure a better service in the districts of Clausen and Neudorf, the combined lines 9/167 and 9/195 will be repealed and those districts will be again served by a communal line. Line 9 will remain unchanged between the Central Station and Cents, Waassertuerm.

At Hollerich, the serving of avenue Guillaume will be again provided by municipal busses. Both Nassau and Marie-Adélaïde stops will be deleted and replaced by the Guillaume, Braganza and Alphonse Munchen stops.

Some bus lines schedules will be slightly adapted to the situation on the spot. Some stops have also been created and others have been or will be moved. Make sure you stay informed.

A new bus network plan

In order to make it easier to read and understand the bus network, the City has introduced a new plan providing a clear and structured overview of all municipal lines. You can download it below this article.

On this new plan, the lines are organized so that the bus lines with a common route portion are represented with the same color and a same line in the center of the map. The thickness of the lines gives an indication of the frequency of the busses.

The new network plan is sent to all households in the city of Luxembourg and will be available at the main points of information of the city of Luxembourg (Info-box “Piquet”, Hôtel de Ville, Bierger-Center...). It will also be distributed at some bus stops from 8 to 11 March.

Want to remain informed or to have access to the plan?

To stay abreast of the news and the modification of the bus network of the city of Luxembourg, get here, download the plan below or download the new version of the City App app !