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Luxembourg House: a Pop-up store to discover the Country’s specialities

During the European Presidency, Luxembourg House is a temporary store which offers a multitude of products « Made, Designed and/or Created in Luxembourg ».

Located in the rue de l’Eau, near the Palais Grand Ducal, the shop is decorated in the national colours and is a real Ali Baba’s cave.

You can find treats from Namur and Oberweiss, porcelain from Villeroy & Boch, scarves and stoles from Diversity, outfits from Fabienne en Ville, jewellery from Patrice Parisotto, local mustard and honey, Riesling and other Pinot Gris wines from Schengen, T shirts and key rings in the Grand Duchy colours… Unique, tasteful, quality products that you won’t find anywhere else.

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We liked

  • Product variety
  • Quality and tasteful
  • Opening times adapted for tourists (open on Sunday)