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Limpertsberg, a residential area in Luxembourg City

Located in the heart of Luxembourg, close to the centre, and raised on a plateau, the district of Limpertsberg is a recent, quiet and residential area.

Totally chic, it is home to beautiful houses which are mostly inhabited by Luxembourgian families, but also by many expats coming from the four corners of Europe. It is especially characterized by the charm of its houses, by its very sunny geographic location, and a high concentration of schools.

A very populated and quiet area at the same time

Limpertsberg is one of the districts with the highest density of population in Luxembourg. Densely populated, it is however a friendly neighborhood, quiet and peaceful, where it feels good to live in summer and in winter.

Geographically separated from the other districts of Luxembourg by trees and many hills, Limpertsberg thus benefits from a close proximity with the city centre, but is however protected from traffic, noise and bustle, often present in the heart of the capital. The high quality of life, the presence of many schools and the pleasant setting make this area a popular dwelling place for families. Consequences ? Empty homes are scarce and finding accommodation in Limpertsberg becomes nowadays a more complicated task. Rents and real estate prices are also very high there, which makes of Limpertsberg one of the most expensive districts of Luxembourg for housing. 

A quality of life and varied service offering

If the number of green spaces is limited in Limpertsberg, the service offering remains nevertheless excellent. Indeed, many local shops are present in the territory and cover the whole district. Limpertsberg has indeed many sports facilities of high quality, a broad cultural diversity guaranteed by the presence of the Utopia cinema and the Grand Theatre as well as some supermarkets (Cactus and, more recently, Monoprix settled there).

There is also a rich and varied offer of bars and restaurants, with the presence of the "L’atelier Del Gusto" featuring high quality Italian food, of the Scheffer brewery or the Schuman Café, three places to go out that are very appreciated in this neighborhood.

Florists, nurseries and hairdresser are also located in the area. The availability of these local services in Limpertsberg allows its inhabitants to have everything they need at hand, and to be able to move quickly on foot, by bike, or in public transit without resorting to centralized shopping.

 A high concentration of schools : advantageous or inconvenient ?

Many primary and secondary schools as well as international private schools such as the French Lycée Vauban, the French primary school (who will move to Gasperich in 2017-2018) and the Waldorf School have made the choice to settle in Limperstberg. There is also a university campus there, at Avenue de la Faïencerie.

The district has therefore a very rich offer in terms of schools and types of education, which also explains the strong presence of families, especially European, in the territory. Thanks to this specificity, the inhabitants of Limpertsberg have a wide choice in terms of schools for their children, and they also have the chance to bring them there on foot or by car, without any additional detours or routes.

However, this high concentration of schools is not without consequences on road traffic : if the district of Limpertsberg is relatively well preserved from traffic in normal times, there are by contrast strong slowdowns around schools during peak hours. The many parental cars and school busses traffic regularly causes temporary traffic jams.

Optimized mobility

In Limpertsberg, everything is done to maximize the mobility of the citizens. Indeed, the district is very well arranged, so that the population has no difficulty to move on foot, bike, car or public transport. Thus, the district is very well served by bus lines and there are numerous and closely spaced stops. Frequent connections with the station and the city centre are organized, allowing users to come and go in Limpertsberg as they see fit, at any time of the day. The Glacis parking, very close, is also a relay for many bus lines in the capital.

Although the devices are yet to improve, bike trips are also possible thanks to the presence of bike paths and constructed road sections. The high concentration of schools in Limperstberg also gave rise to many “30 km zones”, which provide more security for pedestrians and cyclists moving in the district. This part of the capital is however not served by trains, and has no station nearby.

Plenty of activities to plan in Limpertsberg

If Limpertsberg is known for its calm and its tranquility, the district has nevertheless interesting activities that can be done alone or in family. Several strolls from Limpertsberg are organized by the Office of tourism, like "The Ballad of roses" or the walking circuit linking the historic district of Pfaffenthal, via the Trois Glands, and leading behind the MUDAM.

The Neuman Park is also part of the interesting and stunning green spaces of the area, thanks to its superb works created by Luxembourgian renowned sculptors and to the diversity of its plantations.

Sports activities such as yoga, dance and swimming courses are available in large numbers, which is a great source of occupation for the children.

Finally,  each summer, the famous Schuberfouer is the main activity not to be missed in Limpertsberg. This huge fair is one of the most popular attractions of the capital, gathering each year thousands of visitors attracted to big thrills and to Gromperekichelcher in the Glacis parking. If this event is a direct concern for the inhabitants of the district when it comes to park or peacefully sleep without being disturbed, it remains nevertheless a must to visit.

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