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Learn Luxembourgish: another way to learn the language

Who says learning luxembourgish is always serious and boring? Recently launched website “learn luxembourgish” proves otherwise offering many free and fun activities to learn luxembourgish at your own pace.

What makes "Learn luxebburgish" website special?

Canadian Liz Wenger created the website " learn luxemburgish"and goes to great lengths to make sure learning Luxembourgish is no longer seen as an impossible chore for expatriates.

On the website you can learn the language using different, stress free techniques: free of charge through games, quizzes, audio tracks and videos or for a fee you can choose private online lessons.

On "Learn Luxembourgish" you get to choose the best way for you to learn the language. There are a number of exercises and games for you to choose from to improve whichever aspect of the language you are working on.

The website offers a wide variety of tests for written and listening comprehension, expression, writing and translation to improve both written and oral skills.

Would you rather learn luxemburgish in a more conventional manner?

Learn Luxembourgish also organises personalised live classes. What makes them unique? They are given online (upon reservation) and via Skype using webcams. If you would rather take part in regular group classes then sign up to the Luxembourgish classes organised by the Ville de Luxembourg. Registration closes soon! While you are waiting take a look at our conversation guide.


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