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Le Palais des Thés in Luxembourg : a wide variety of teas and expert advice

Do you like tea and are looking for great quality tea in Luxembourg ? Then the Palais des Thés will be of interest to you !

Rue Chimay is right next to Grand-Rue in the center of Luxembourg and that is where you can find the Palais des Thés, the only shop from this chain in Luxembourg.

A wide range of teas from all over the world

White, black, green, smoked, flowery, fruity or organic: The Palais des Thés has in impressive selection of teas in infusions from amongst others, India, China, or even Japan. They have over twenty large aluminium decorative pots proudly lining the shelves. Each contains a different tea or infusion and nearly always has tester sachets to smell each variety, which is something we find useful.

A nice shop with a nice staff to advise you

The shop has a clean, pure feel and the quality of advice from the staff is second to none: whether you are searching for a tea similar to what you usually have or you want to try something new, the personnel really know their products and can help you find something that you would enjoy.  The prices are reasonable, even if on first impressions seems a little stuffy. The best selections and latest arrivals are regularly restocked.

The shop also sells books, teapots and other tea utensils to ensure you have everything you need.

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We liked

  • The wide variety of tea
  • Excellent advice given
  • Being able to smell the different varieties of tea
  •  The design of the tins of tea
  • The quality of the products.

We liked less  

  • Nothing