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La Table du Pain, a rustic and pleasant bakery in Luxembourg centre

Two steps away from the train station, the bakery restaurant La Table du Pain has a warm rustic feel where it is good to take a break.

La Table du Pain is a welcoming shop with a wooden, traditional decor is quite different from the usual urban style of the station area.

A pleasant space to eat and relax

When you go into La Table du pain you straightaway feel at ease: the tables are nicely decorated, not too many of them and well spaced which gives this bakery restaurant a very convivial feel. Other strong points are the friendliness and the easy going nature of the staff.

An attractive window display and delicious pastries and cakes

If the atmosphere inside is tastefully done, what catches your attention first at La Table du pain is the window display: filled with well decorated éclairs (delicious by the way!) coconut cake of varying shapes and everyday a different speciality, you can only be drawn in.

We like the homemade icing, the traditional and rustic aspect of the products, quite different from the usual industrial bakes. Nothing original about the bread, pastries and cakes apart from the quality and skill of their manufacture, be it sweet or savoury.

Simple and fresh cooking and not expensive

Go for lunch during the week to enjoy a soup and freshly made sandwich, or soup of the day, seasonal vegetable risotto: the specials change daily. The food is simple and not pretentious, but tasty and affordable. Great for a snack close to town but far away from the noise and hustle. The only disappointing thing is you can only sit down for lunch as the pastries and cakes are to take away.

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