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La Pépinière, a personalized coaching for young people in Luxembourg

What is La Pépinière? It can be translated as a nursery or incubator, but in this case it is the name of an association of coaches specialized in training youths and young adults. 

A coach for youths and young adults in Luxembourg

La Pépinière has grouped together three dynamic coaches who work together as a personalized support team. Their aim: to help those they work with to have a better understanding of themselves and to get the most out of life. More precisely working with young people, to teach them autonomy so that they have control over their life and their future.

For the start of the school year this autumn 2015, La Pépinière is offering an energetic programme aimed at youths.  They created this programme after becoming aware of the lack of a good work/study method and the need for a long-term follow-up.

It is for 15 to 19 year olds and starts with a two-day course just before school starts and then 8 monthly sessions.

The pre school session consists of taking a look at yourself to define your learning profile, methods to be better prepared for classes, positive tools to improve self confidence and to start the year under the best conditions possible.

For the monthly sessions, the first hour is a brainstorming workshop followed by a conference (in French or English) from a professional from the European business, social or cultural world. A great way to discover the adult world as being fascinating and passionate.

To find out more about this unique training programme: On Tuesday 2 June is an information meeting at 6.30pm at the Youth Hostel, 2 rue Fort Olisy, Luxembourg City.

Kajutel, the free phone support for young people in Luxembourg. More information here.