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Kussbus: the hassle-free door-to-door commuter service in Luxembourg

As from 2017, Kussbus will offer a door-to-door shuttle bus service, an interesting alternative to the daily commute by car or public transport.

The plus? Combining comfort with low cost through an eco-friendly chauffeur service. 

The commuter’s door-to-door shuttle service

Kussbus allows its customers to make the most of their time during their daily commute to and from work. Time, that many of us now spend behind the wheel or cramped in crowded public transportation.

Comfortable buses to relax

Even Kussbus will not be able to avoid the heavy traffic in Luxembourg.
But in their modern and comfortable buses, with guaranteed seating and free of charge Wi-Fi, commuters can  relax while reading the newspaper or watching series, or spend their time working.
Desperately searching for a free parking space will be a thing of the past!

Fewer transportation costs

Prices  are meant to be cheaper than the daily commute by car. While booking a journey via the KussbusApp, the price for that journey will be displayed. This price will not change, no matter how many people travel with you.

Register through the web site or Kussbuss App

Registered customers can book Kussbus via the smartphone app. You simply have to indicate your desired time of arrival at your work place and when you would like to be picked up in the evening. The app will pool the individual journey details and a clever algorithm will then calculate the best routes for each customer. The algorithm also defines common bus stops for several passengers in close proximity to their departure and arrival addresses.
In this way, the individual journeys can be grouped into a shared ride.

To simplify travel booking, a mobile app (available on the Apple Store and Goole Play) will also be introduced in 2017.

You can register now and give it a go free of charge:

Kussbus will only start its service in 2017 if enough people have signed up. Kussbuss  offers 3 return journeys free of charge and without obligations to each customer who has registered via the website by the 31.12.2016.

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