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Just Arrived launches its page dedicated to the "Municipalities"!

Are you an expatriate in Luxembourg and would like to discover the country beyond its well known capital ? Do you wish to get more information about the various municipalities that surround Luxembourg?

Just Arrived is now proud to present its "Municipalities" page!

In this section, you will have an illustrated and detailed overview of the main municipalities close to Luxembourg. Description, key figures, photos and references are offered to enrich your knowledge on them.

Currently, the 8 municipalities of the first belt around Luxembourg were posted. Dozens more will come then, over the weeks, to allow you to discover the richness of the Luxembourgian heritage beyond the limits of its capital!

Quickly go to the discovery of Bertrange, Strassen, Kopstal, Walferdange, Sandweiler, Hesperange, Leudelange and Niederanven by clicking this address!