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Doctors and pharmacies in Luxembourg : how does it work?

Doctors, medical generalist or specialist in Luxembourg

You can make an appointment directly with a generalist or a specialist doctor by calling the receptionist of the practice.
An easy way to find a doctor is by consulting the official register of doctors practicing medicine in Luxembourg via the Medical College website.

Some practitioners are also listed in the directories on medical websites (as Doctena) , which means you can do a personalized search (area of expertise, location, languages spoken, etc.) as well as making an appointment online.

In Luxembourg it is not necessary to get a referral from a generalist doctor in order to see a specialist and be reimbursed (except in certain cases: treatment abroad, etc.).

You are advised to always take your social security card and your medical history (blood tests, x rays etc.) with you to your appointment. Normally you can always request a copy of the results of medical exams. Take note that if you cancel less than 24hours prior to your appointment you may still be charged!

Pharmacies in Luxembourg

Opening times vary for the different pharmacies but they are generally open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm and closed between midday and 2pm. Some pharmacies are also open on Saturday mornings.

Prescriptions for medicine should be filled by the deadline on the prescription or if there isn’t one then within 3 months of being issued. For other prescriptions (x rays, blood tests etc.) please see the Caisse Nationale de Santé website.

All prescriptions for medicine which has to be taken for a duration of equal or above 6 months will not be issued in one go by the pharmacy. The pharmacist will make you a copy of the prescription that you will take back to the pharmacy when you return to fill the remainder of the prescription.

Note: partially used medicine can be taken back to the pharmacy or the doctor to be destroyed. In the event of an allergy or side effects towards a medicine you can return any unopened boxes to the pharmacy where you bought it and get a refund.

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