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You are between 15 and 30 years old and live in Luxembourg? Discover the activities of LEILU

Youngsters in Luxembourg! Invest your free time in 2017 and (re)discover yourself, others, and the environment around you!

LEILU, Learning to be in a new environment

The project LEILU, Learning to be in the new environment, aims to bring young people in Luxembourg (Refugee claimants, third-country nationals, as well as European nationals) to make the best use of their free time and (re)discovering themselves, their surroundings and their future.

LEILU offers six modules of interconnected learning activities, such as:

  • Anti-violence Mind-body discipline through Taekwondo
  • Team building through adventures
  • Finding your talents
  • Religious tolerance
  • Visual discovery of Luxembourg

Those activities are of practical and interactional nature.

Develop your talents in team cooperation

The activities offered by LEILU will help young people to develop mutual respect, team cooperation, and self-discipline, explore their talents and potential future, and finally discover the history and socio-cultural values of Luxembourg and greater Europe.  
Anyone who is from ages 15 to 30, whether to be European, non-European, refugees or asylum seekers, can participate in LEILU activities. LEILU will take place during evenings, weekends, and school holidays in 2017.
For more information, please visit the LEILU web site or  search “LEILU.lux” on Facebook.  

LEILU is organised by multi-LEARN Institute and funded by L’Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grand-Duchesse Charlotte.

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