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The ING Solidarity Awards, bringing visibility and financial gain to associations!

In order to reward and support the local charitable community (Luxembourgish associations and foundations) ING Luxembourg is organizing the ING Solidarity Awards for the 5th consecutive year.


The ING Solidarity Awards were created with the aim of rewarding and supporting the charitable community in Luxembourg through a competition divided into two parts. The first part is an “Online Vote” where the 40 associations with the highest number of votes from Internet users between 18th October 2016 and 8th November at midday will win a cheque of 1000 euros. The second part of the competition is where a “Jury vote for a project”. The projects will be evaluated by a Jury for their merit, impact, originality and the way in which they will be implemented. The 8 projects that most impressed the Jury will be supported and rewarded. The four categories are:

  • Partially voluntary organisations supporting a national project;
  • 100% voluntary organisations supporting a national project;
  • Partially voluntary organisations supporting an international project;
  • 100% voluntary organisations supporting an international project.

In each category two projects will be rewarded as follows: 1st prize 6000 euros and 2nd prize 3000 euros.

How to register?

To register and take part in the competition just go to There you can sign up simply for the “Online Vote” or, to improve your chances of winning, you can also sign up for the “Jury Vote”. Whichever you choose (or both) submit your online application by 10th October 2016 at the latest.

In order to get a better understanding of this initiative we interviewed Stéphanie Deitz-Moulin and Aurélie Daguenet, both CSR and Diversity Coordinator at ING Luxembourg.

Why is supporting associations a main concern and key to the values of ING Luxembourg?

ING has a strategy to help its clients get ahead in life and in business. Being a player in the financial sector acting responsibly is at the heart of our values. Supporting the local charitable sector is one of the ways in which we can help society to advance in a positive and responsible manner.

Apart from financial gain, what can taking part in the ING Solidarity awards bring to the association members?

The ING Solidarity Awards bring recognition, visibility, and enables the association to mobilise its members around a new common objective.  Last year ING Luxembourg worked with the crowd funding KissKissBank Bank to make associations aware of this new funding channel. This was done by hosting an information meeting, chaired by KissKissBankBank on the subject of crowd funding, for the winners of the project competition. Furthermore one of the winning associations successfully tried this new funding channel and managed to collect more funds than they had hoped for!

Stéphanie Deitz-Moulin and Aurélie Daguenet also passed on some advice for associations wishing to take part in the competition. The first piece of advice: Take part, because as is often said, “you have nothing to lose”! The second: spread the word about the competition to get as many votes as possible and get all the members and contacts involved to raise awareness and bring additional financial support. Furthermore, don’t forget that “originality along with making a significant impact is a good way to catch the jury’s attention”.

So don’t wait, get started!