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How was the Migrations Festival in Luxembourg?

"oh finally i ate kushari!" said an Austrian young woman who was attending the migrants festival held on 11,12,13 of March, big festival in Luxexpo grand fair in Kirchberg, Luxembourg.

Multiculturalism and traditions n the Migration Festival In Luxembourg

All present nationalities in Luxembourg had participated in this festival, presenting their traditional food and manufactures of jewelry, clothing, fabrics, handmade crafts and lots of other interesting goods.

Clae, Red Cross, Caritas, ASTI, CFLH, CEFIS, INL and lots of other organizations that work on different humanitarian, educational and professional support proved their presence to guarantee their reach to everyone.

The Digital Inclusion asbl, the newly born firm for computer  technologies, that gives donated  laptops, computer software and hardware to all those who need them to spread the awareness and educate people about the importance of  internet and informative intelligence.

The festival also hosted lots of galleries and artists from all around the world giving us the chance to share with them their artistic point of view.

Along with a very energetic interesting dancing and preforming shows from Palestine, Algeria, Germany and Africa.

The cultural mix and the various qualities offered in the festival were very unique and original, the food served was very tasty and all countries were showing the best of their people and materials.

Few of the Luxmbourgish ministers visited the festival and shared the joy and excitement of the festival atmosphere.

The festival was supported by the Luxembourg City and  Just Arrived shared lots of information and brochures about Luxembourg to residents and newcomers in the Grand-Duchy.

Nour Jaara,
Syrian Ambassador for the Just Arrived Ambassadors Club 

Nour Jaara from Syria shares her experience about her arrival in Luxembourg