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How to get the Luxembourgish nationality?

A reform about the eligibility conditions to adquire the Luxembourgish nationality is currently in progress and is supposed to enter into force on April 2017. In this article we remind the current requirements. 

Who can apply for the luxembourgish nationality ?

  • +  18 years old
  • Legally residing in Luxembourg for a minimum of seven consecutive years
  • Meet the requirements of good repute
  • Pass a language test in Luxembourgish

The language tests, are organized by the Institut national des Langues.  For the oral expression, the level required is A2, which means to be able to manage a basic conversation such as introduce yourself, ask for direction, do shopping etc.
For the oral comprehension, the level is higher: B1. You must be able to understand a daily life conversation at work, between friends, on the radio etc.

  •  Follow citizenship courses

Citizenship courses are organized by « Service de la formation des adultesdu ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse ». Minimum 3 courses are mandatory (2h/ courses). There is no exam, but a participation certificate will be delivered to the participants.

You do not need to pass the test in spoken Luxembourgish, nor the citizenship courses, if you spent at least 7 years in the Luxemburguish school system, or if you are a legal resident in Luxembourg since before December 31st, 1984.

Dual nationality with luxembourgish nationality

Since January, 1st 2009, dual nationality is allowed in Luxembourg. Be careful: dual nationality is not recognized in all countries; please contact your home embassy or authorities to check this principle before applying for the Luxembourgish nationality.

How to apply for luxembourgish nationality ?

Before officially applying for the nationality, the candidate must have success in the language test and have followed the citizenship courses.
The nationality application form, dated and signed must be sent to the Ministry of Justice (form available on
Please note that the form and all the mandatory documents must be drop off at the commune of residency of the candidate.

Bénédicte Souy
CEO & Mobility (work permit) expert
Moving People 2 Luxembourg


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