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Grrrrr : the Greater Region cultural agenda

You are interested in culture with a capital C and would like to discover the Greater Region culture ? Then have a look at Grrrrr!

Grrrrr is the name of a website ! An original name for such an exciting concept !

Grrrrr, the media to discover Greater region

Grrrrr is a participatory journalistic media specializing in cross-border cultural activities. Its distinctiveness resides in the fact that it is run by and dedicated to young people, and includes the five regions of the Greater Region, hence the five Rs which compose its name. This website therefore gives a great importance to the sharing and dissemination of different cultures.

What are Grrrrr goals and content ?

Composed of volunteer editors, the Grrrrr Team aims to bring a multicultural perspective on cross-border events and to engage youth in a sense of community centered on a culture and a living environment, all in a journalistic framework. Writing for Grrrrr is therefore paying attention to its own culture, but also to that of other people by sharing one’s knowledge through various journalistic productions.

Together, the Grrrrr collaborators make every effort to provide quality information and to allow their visitors to make new (multi)cultural discoveries. Indeed, the website reports many events taking place within the Grand Region, whether concerts or festivals, but also dance or theater performance. Grrrrr also gives tips and good addresses in the Greater Region. This is the opportunity to make great discoveries whether in Lorraine, Luxembourg, Wallonia, Saarland or in Rhineland-Palatinate ! This initiative is fully supported by Just Arrived !

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