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Gelateria Bonomeria, hand made ice cream: a real taste of Italy

Andrea Bonome, ice cream maker from Parma with smiling eyes, describes his ice creams and desserts in such a way it is impossible to resist them. Passionate about his work, he invents original recipes with flavours from his homeland.

Real artisanal Italian Ice Creams in Luxembourg

Bonomeria ice creams are light and creamy, home made from quality natural ingredients - Belgian chocolate, Piedmont nuts, fresh milk, sugar, cream and seasonal fruit. No artificial flavourings, colourings nor conservatives, just true and natural flavours. Enjoy a cone or cup either on the terrace or to take away.

Original recipes and natural fruits for delicious icecreams

Andrea works to perfect his flavours until her has reached the desired result. He has recreated the taste of the famous spread for his Nutella ice cream. The Concertino ice cream is a subtle mix of milk, morello cherries, chocolate and caramelised almonds. Our favourite? The "Grand Ducal" a unique « semifreddo » recipe which is smooth and creamy.

Bonomeria also has fresh fruit sorbets – orange and coming soon raspberry, strawberry, melon and peach - and frozen desserts. The best is the Tiramisu, but try the Sacher Torte: a delicious chocolate cake with apricot jam and with a home made chocolate sauce.

Ice cream everyday in Luxembourg city

The good news is Bonomeria is open everyday. And from mid April the gelateria will also be offering frozen yogurt with various toppings such as pistachio, pieces of melon and peach, drizzled with warm nutella. What more can we say, you have to try them yourself!

More information on Bonomeria here:
Rue Wurth Paquet 4, Place de France, L27 37 Luxembourg
Tél : 26 45 98 05 -

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