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Free First Aid Classes in Luxembourg!

This September and October, Luxembourg City is organising free First Aid classes in Luxembourg in two languages.

Anyone could witness an accident or someone becoming unwell and could therefore be able to save a life. These free classes give you the chance to get your First Aid certificate and learn the right techniques.

There will be 14 2-hour sessions mixing both theory and practical in French and Luxembourgish. Classes will take place at the Luxembourgish Red Cross Intervention and Rescue Centre 1 rue de l’abbatoir in Hollerich. The start of the classes and registration for the classes in Luxembourgish is on 21st September at 7.30pm. The two training sessions in French on 23rd September and 15th October at 8pm. Classes are also offered in Kirchberg on 15th October and 18th November 2015 as well as in Tandel, Rumelange and Hesperange.

See here for more information on free First Aid classes in Luxembourg.

To have more information on emergency calls (112) in Luxembourg