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Argentinian Ambassador: five first impressions about Luxembourg

I have been living in Luxembourg for the past three years and the first things that shocked or surprised me are the ones that still do.

The Tidiness

 Luxembourg is one of those cities where nothing seems to be out of place. Everything is planned down to the last little detail. From architecture to streets and bus routes. Three storied houses in a row spread throughout the whole country. They vary in colors and details but still look a lot like each other. For the first months it was really hard to differentiate streets or even neighborhoods. I used to get lost; A lot!

Even the flowers in the park seemed to be scheduled and arranged. And I found out they are!!  In the City´s Park they have fixed dates to change every flower in the flowerbed, so that they don’t ever get old or ugly.


Size is everything

 Coming from a city like Buenos Aires (14 million people) Luxembourg seemed shockingly small. It still does, but I found out that it is a very good thing. Everything is close by, every new friend you make lives nearby and no matter the traffic you´ll encounter, you´ll be there in no more than 30 minutes. In my case, I love that I can walk pretty much everywhere! If I get too tired, I can always rely in the bus itinerary, they are perfectly punctual!


Summer Mood

 I first moved to Luxembourg in august, weather was sweet and skies were blue. For a week at least! That is why I couldn’t understand why each time the sun came out, even only for five minutes, people rushed to the park and threw themselves on the floor as if they were on the beach. I got it soon enough though; you should never take the sun for granted. It is a luxury in Luxembourg; citizens know it and take advantage every time they can. It is exactly because the weather is so bad here, that makes the summer much more interesting. People´s mood changes, everyone seems happier and the city becomes alive.


Everything happens in a corner

 At night at least. In the last years a lot of cool new places opened for business throughout the city, but for the first months going out for a beer meant standing outside Urban at centre ville. Besides Clausen it was the only place that was always full. It still is, especially in summer. Everyone just stands around talking to each other with a drink in their hand. Those 50 meters of street (pedestrian, don’t worry!) and its bars are the place to be! It starts after the office and finishes at 1a.m. when whether you go to bed or decide to continue on Clausen´s nightclubs.


 Multiethnic population 

This is my absolute favorite thing about Luxembourg; you get to meet people from all around the globe.  Different cultures, habits, beliefs, religions, food (etc.) interest me a great deal. I couldn’t help but ask everything that came to my mind to everyone I met. I did learn a whole lot about cultures, but what it really teaches you is tolerance. You learn to live and share with people with which you have nothing in common and you even profit from the experience.

 Luisa Smidt,
Argentine Ambassador for the Just Arrived Ambassadors Club