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Fiber optic in Luxembourg for faster and better connections

Fiber optic in Luxembourg, a comfortable asset for newcomers… And those who are already settled down. 

Moving to Luxembourg requires going through certain unavoidable steps: housing, administrative procedures, schooling… and telecommunications in order to keep in touch with family and friends often located in the country of origin.

Those telecommunications aim at reducing the loss of landmarks and accelerating the creation of new ones, a common situation often considered as problematic by expatriates. With fiber optic, access to means of communication becomes an addictive pleasure with significant benefits. Websurfing, online playing or listening to music is up to ten times faster than standard VDSL, and with unlimited download volumes…

The installation is very easy, asserts Mathieu Gillet, product manager at Tango, in charge of the project Tango Fibre. “We wanted to set up tools to make our customers’ lives easier. Therefore, they can verify the eligibility of their housing in a few clicks, and also discover the different solutions adapted to their needs and their budget according to the organization of their home and their use of the Internet on a daily basis.”

When people arrive, it is a common thing to wait a few days or even weeks to get a connection adapted to their wishes. Some mobile operators have set up a more appropriate system. “Giving a connection from the first day onwards was a priority for us, because it corresponds to a recurring expectation from customers – especially newcomers, and particularly foreigners.”, Mathieu Gillet emphasizes. “The solution we put in place enables our Tango Fibre customers to benefit from a high-quality 4G+ connection from the signature of the contract until the final installation.”

As for prices, fiber optic is now very affordable in relation to the comfort that it gives, especially concerning digital applications such as Skype which enable users to to communicate with relatives, or streaming access (video on demand) of films and music. Moreover, the increasing evolution of the quality of video games – concerning graphic design and technical complexity or the possibility they offer to play online – are important reasons of a switch to fiber optic. Today at Tango, a subscription (excluding installation fees for a 300 Mbits/s) is available for less than €50 per month.

In many countries, fiber optic remains poorly developed, but this is not the case in Luxembourg where it is available in the largest areas. So, let us all subscribe to fiber optic!

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