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Festival : Design in the City back to Luxembourg!

A note to the design lovers, the Biennale "Design in the City" has just begun in Luxembourg!

Its purpose? Highlighting design for one month, in the Luxembourgian capital. This event offers to the public a range of events and activities which will allow to discover the different facets of design and the way in which it is present in our daily lives and in the public space.

The chosen title for this edition? “Design is (not) art”! A consciously ambiguous title, initiated by the curator Anna Loporcaro.

Organized at the initiative of the MUDAM, in collaboration with the city of Luxembourg, this festival takes place for the fourth time in the capital. This year, the Luxembourgian Museum of Modern Art says that “the fourth edition of the Biennale will query the existing links between design and art and the role played by these two areas in an “ultraconnected” society, through four urban interventions, four indoor exhibitions, conferences and educational workshops".

This year, the events of the festival will be held in one of the liveliest areas of the city : the railway station district. This place was not randomly selected ! As the MUDAM explains : "the Strasbourg street is known for its multiculturality but is also accused to gather within the same neighborhood all the sins of the city, the objective is to bounce on the actions already undertaken by the city of Luxembourg and build relationships through a social cohesion project." The animations will be thus concentrated in the Strasbourg street, as well as around the station and the area of Bonnevoie!


An application to follow the festival closely!

As part of the festival Design in the city, many thematic activities will be offered during the months of April and May in Luxembourg. Interested ? To be kept informed of the various planned animations, we strongly recommend you the application, identifying each of the events organized on this occasion!

Our team intends to follow this festival closely, and will not fail to inform you about its major events. Feel free to follow us on our social networks!