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Expat Portraits: French Artist Sophia Rein living in Luxembourg

Sophia Rein Artist painter photographer Luxembourg
Sophia Rein Artist painter photographer Luxembourg

Just Arrived has created a new section called Expat Portraits to showcase the amazing talent among expats here in Luxembourg. There will be regular posts on our blog and it will give you the opportunity to discover some authentic and interesting people.

To launch this section Just Arrived met with talented artist and painter Sophia Rein, who has an unusual history and is currently exhibiting her artwork in Sandweiler, at RE/MAX Agency.

Sophia Rein, painter and photograph in Luxembourg

Born in Paris in 1971 yet this French artist and painter grew up in Munich and has been living in Luxembourg since 2006, where she now works. She got a Law degree from the institute for Political Studies in Strasbourg and was head of HR for an Audit company in Frankfurt for 7 years.

She has always painted but it was only once she arrived in Luxembourg that she decided to change direction: change of location, change of vocation. She struck it out on her own as an artist and independent trainer. Using her qualified experience in History of Art and as an IFBL certified trainer Sophia Rein has developed her art activity in a number of directions: a weekly art workshop for children, sporadic creative workshops in schools, creative workshops for adults and workshops for companies to develop team work and creativity.

Always on the look out for new opportunities, she regularly takes part in international exhibitions (Lausanne, Paris, New York, Quebec, St Petersburg…) and likes her art to be used by individuals, companies and administrations. Her next exhibition will take place in 2016 at the Austrian Embassy in Luxembourg and at the International Exhibition in Quebec.

To learn more about this talented lady, Just Arrived conducted a short interview: 

How easy was it to integrate in Luxembourg? 

I am French, I grew up in Germany, my husband is German, my children go the local school where French and German is very present. So it clearly makes integration easier as these are two of the country’s three official languages. The fact that the population is very international makes integration very easy on all levels.

Are there cultural differences between Luxembourg and France in relation to Art?

That is difficult to answer because Luxembourg is a small country which gives you access to a great deal, also news travels fast, it is easy to get to exhibitions. I think there is a lot of interest in Luxembourgish artists but this doesn’t detract from International Art in any way.

Like everywhere there are a lot of artists in Luxembourg, but I believe there is room for all of us to develop as artists in Luxembourg, as people here are extremely open minded, curious and show interest. Art in Luxembourg is a reflexion of the rich cultural diversity of its population.

 If you had to define Luxembourg in three sentences what would they be?

“International cultural mix”, “balance between personal and professional life” and “a beautiful natural environment”.

Any words of advice for (future) French Expats?

Make the most of your life, not easy in today’s world but possible in Luxembourg!

For more information on Sophia Rein'art and her exhibitions, click here!