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ElterenTelefon: a telephone helpline for parents

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and your child is finding it difficult to integrate socially (language difficulties, cultural differences, teasing, …)?
Are your children having problems at nursery, school, or at home and you need advice on their education or well-being?

Do you feel the need to confide in someone about the problems you are having as a parent and need help?

“ElterenTelefon écoute parents” the telephone helpline for parents!

ElterenTelefon was set up in 1992 to listen, advise and inform people in direct or indirect contact with children. It aims to be easily accessible, offering a high standard of service whilst allowing the parents who use the service to remain anonymous.

Specially trained volunteers: 60 competent volunteers who have undergone a year long listening training programme run the helpline “ElterenTelefon écoute parents”. They regularly take part in supervisory conferences and are trained continuously to ensure an efficient service is received by those in need. The volunteers guarantee that you remain anonymous and are subject to the strictest levels of confidentiality to maintain your privacy.

A help for parents in French, Luxembourgish and English

In order to help a greater number of parents the service is now available in three languages. Since very recently, ElterenTelefon now ha sEnglish-speaking volunteers. Thanks to this development, families from all nationalities expatriated to Luxembourg can benefit from the helpline.

How to contact Elterne telefon, helpline for parents?

The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12am (except Wednesdays from 5pm to 10pm) by dialling 26640555 or 11611.

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