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Duck Race 2016, an event not to be missed!

The 15th edition of the Duck Race will be held this April 23 in Luxembourg. A good opportunity to take advantage of the return of the beautiful days to go to this fun and entertaining event, with family or friends. Duck race, animations and regional food will be proposed to you, this all for the good cause !

The big plus of this event? Like every year, all profits raised will go to associations. School groups can even participate and costumize their duck!

What is the Duck Race ?

As its name suggests, the Duck Race is a race of ducks, but not just any kind : plastic ducks ! Each race participant buys a numbered ticket in order to sponsor a duck that will then be put in the water from the Pétrusse with thousands others to win the race. In case of success ? Many big prizes, including a car for the first arrived !

A race, but not only that

If the prizes that are involved are a good motivation to come participate in the Duck Race, the event is still not less interesting for visitors just wishing to be spectators of the race. At noon, the Duck Race 2016 will offer not only many activities for children, but also food based on typical dishes and drinks from Luxembourg.

A good time coupled with a nice gesture

If the event is very popular in Luxembourg because of its festive side, it is also thanks to its solidarity aspect. Indeed, all the profits from the tickets purchased by the participants in the race will be fully donated to 3 associations : Caritas, Thérapie Equestre and Hëllef fir de Puppelchen. A good reason to come compete! Want to participate? You just need to click here to buy a ticket. Hurry, there are more than 3000 left but they are sold like hot cakes!

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