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Dress for Success, free relooking to help find a job

A free makeover session before a job interview from an international association to better your odds during the meeting: it may seem like a utopian idea but Dress for Success is real. Just Arrived went to find out more about this initiative…

In partnership with ADEM, the association offers clothes and a makeover to ladies who need a little bit of help to succeed in an interview. The success rate is very encouraging at 70% (from 50 interviews 35 resulted in a contract).

 Three conditions

To benefit from this service you must fulfil three conditions: be female, looking for employment, and have secured an interview. The association then gives you advice, clothes and accessories to improve your self-confidence and give you every advantage for your interview.

An association based on solidarity

This association works thanks to solidarity. In fact everyone who works here are volunteers and the clothes and accessories are donated or bought with the financial donations.

 Want to help this association?

Have you lost weight, changed your dress style, or simply want to get rid of some clothes in good condition and suitable for interviews? Then you can donate them to the association. They also accept shoes and accessories.

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