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"Do you know Kazakhstan?", don’t miss this exhibition which will open its doors this Thursday!

Do you like art and discovering new cultures? This exhibition is made for you!

Indeed, this April 28, the Wild Project Gallery will launch its first edition of the "Did you know...?" exhibition, aimed at introducing, each year, the art and culture of a country in the heart of Luxembourg City.

"KAZAKHSTAN is the largest territory of Central Asia and as such, it raises many questions and interests. However, after twenty years of independence, what people think about this country remains vague, imprecise, intangible. The perception is the same with regard to the Kazakhstan contemporary art, while the cultural and artistic life is very intense. " explain the organizers.

To allow you to discover all the artistic potential of this country and its artists, the gallery has collaborated with the IADA (International Art Development Association) association. For three years, IADA developed an agenda for action to promote a platform dedicated to the contemporary art of Kazakhstan. Thus, this group organizes artist residencies, exhibitions, and is also participating in art fairs in Vienna, Venice, Paris, London, or even Dubai. An association of organizations promoting the cultural discoveries in Luxembourg ! 

Who are the artists who will be exhibited?

Many artists from Kazakhstan, still living there or having then continued their way in other European capitals, will be exposed to illustrate the variety and cultural diversity of the kazakh art. Among them : Askhat Akhmediyarov, Said Atabekov, Galim Madanov, Almagul Menlibayeva, Alexander Ugay, Kamilla Gabdullina, Gaisha Madanova, Gulnur Mukazhanova, Aza Shade and Ada Yu.

Where and when?

The exhibition will be held from April 28 to June 11, 2016, Wednesday to Saturday, at the Wild Project Gallery, located at 22 rue Louvigny in Luxembourg.