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Discover the ING UNSEEN TALENT AWARD Exhibition in Luxembourg

Until July 3, the ING Unseen talent exhibition will be in full swing in Luxembourg, in the Abbey of Neumünster.

A great opportunity to discover new artists close to you! To tell you more about the event, Christophe Rahier and Karen Urbani, events and sponsors manager for ING Luxembourg, answered our questions!

1. What is the aim of the ING Unseen Talent Award exhibition ?

The exhibition aims at putting forward a new generation of photographers, all of them winners of the international competition : ING Unseen Talent Award. You will have among them the Luxembourgian artist, Sophie Jung, who won the jury prize in 2015. She will be dedicated a whole room at the exhibition.

2. Can you tell us more about the ING Unseen Talent Award?

The ING Unseen Talent Award is an initiative of the ING Bank and the organizers of the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, and it offers new talents in the area of photography a platform to present their work worldwide. Every year, the five best European talents selected by ING Art Management and Unseen are rewarded with a major support program.

It includes coaching sessions with an established artist of international renown, a series of workshops with various professionals, and also the opportunity to create a work, on a specific theme, which will come in the ING collection. The final work of each of these new young artists is exhibited at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, which has an excellent reputation internationally, and where the nominees can present their work to the world of art. What started in 2013 in the form of a Dutch initiative became later an European award !

3. ING Unseen Talent Award is a great opportunity for the exhibited artists to be known to the public, but is not directly linked to the banking sector?

Supporting the development of new artists is a positive way to help the new generation of photographers launch their career on a good foundation. We believe that art inspires, reflects the world that surrounds us and is a sobering thought. It is an important value for ING, and that is the reason why the ING Unseen Talent Award was implemented. The purpose of this award is to give artistic talents the opportunity to excel. It is much more than a simple financial assistance. This award offers young artists what they truly need : a platform, a network and expertise. This exhibition completes one of the main objectives of the ING Unseen Talent Award prize : giving new talented artists a better visibility at the beginning of their careers. It is the first time that works of art created by the finalists of the last three competitions are exposed all together. It is very surprising to see how these young talents (who are however children from the digital era and therefore fed by a stream of images from their earliest age) have interpreted the various themes and gave them form into a work of art. An artist may discuss the topic in a conceptual way, and another one may treat it from a more romantic or aesthetic point of view. These different approaches reflect their artistic talent. The exhibition reveals us a new generation of photographers!

4. Are other actions/partnerships in connection with Culture and Art being prepared? Is the ING group intending to develop further these initiatives in Luxembourg?

We are already very active in culture and art through various sponsorship programs in Villa Vauban, the Cube 521, the Abbey of Neumünster, and also the Rockhal, Sonic Vision or the E-lake festival regarding music.

Soon, we will become a partner of the second edition of the Luxembourg Art Week. We are currently working on the creation of an upcoming exhibition for 2017.

ING Luxembourg is willing to further develop its implication for art as it has already been done with sports, mainly racing. 

5. Why did you choose the Abbey to host this event? When can our readers visit this exhibition?

As partner of the Abbey of Neumünster for many years now, it was obvious that our first exhibition had to take place in this beautiful building. Neumünster welcomed our idea with great joy and accompanied us throughout the development of the project. The exhibition is free and open daily between 10.00 am and 07.00 pm until July 3. Enjoy!