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Discover the city of Luxembourg through different organized walks

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and would like to discover the city with the help of a guide and his competent advice ? The capital of Luxembourg hides secrets and nice places just waiting to be discovered !

The Luxembourg Tourist City Office offers different walks at very affordable prices

The Luxembourg City Office provides a range of several types of discovery walks : All in one tour, individually or in group walk, by bus or on foot, night promenade, for children or even family "safari" walk are available ! These will allow you to visit the capital according to your budget and your desires, alone or accompanied by other members fond of the history and the architecture of Luxembourg City.

These walks are designed to show you in the best way the interesting things to know and to see in Luxembourg : its shops, the ambience of its various districts, but also its institutions, its specialties and its must-see monuments. The itineraries are arranged so you can fully enjoy the city and its tourist potential. The prices vary between 12 and 55 euros.

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