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Da Lass !! Let's go! Learn Luxembourgish in a relaxed, offbeat and playful way!

Openscreen ASBL initiated a project to revive an audio-visual method of learning Luxembourgish which was created in the 90s and, published in 2001, by three Luxembourg authors: Josy Braun, Jhemp Hoscheit and Henri Losch.

The linguistic reforms (in grammar and spelling) that took place in the early 2000s meant that this method could not be used. Indeed it quickly disappeared in the archives.

On the other hand, Tanja Frank, an archive « digger », as she likes to define herself, wanted to re-propose this methodology and update it by means of a series of lessons-shows hosted by talents from the Luxembourg cultural scene.

Thus - Tanja explains - "a Luxembourg rapper, David Galassi, will present his original view on the Luxembourg, a French pianist, freshly arrived in the Grand Duchy, will share the little absurdities that a newcomer to Luxembourg has to face and a young Tandem of writer-actors, Jacques Schiltz and Tom Dockal, will add their original touch to the subject. "

The "Da Lass" initiative should stimulate a real encounter and exchange between Luxembourg residents and foreigners on the theme of learning Luxembourgish, a central theme in the current debates for the integration of foreigners in Luxembourg.

For Luxembourgers, they will be able to discover an unknown work and take the opportunity to meet the different inhabitants of their country and also to appreciate the (not so new) talents of the Luxembourg cultural scene.
On the other end, expats will be able to have a closer look to the Luxembourgish language and the local culture.

So Das Lass!!, which means in Luxembourgish "let’s go" and discover the forgotten method!

Luxemburgish courses

Lektioun 1 : 12/02  - 19h
Lektioun 2 : 12/03 - 19h
Lektioun 3 : 14/05 - 19h
Lektioun 4 : 25/06 – 19h
Lektioun 5 : 9/07 – 19h

Where: Banane Fabrik, 12 rue du Puits, Bonnevoie


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