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Culture in Luxembourg : the indispensable MUDAM

* credit: Povilas

The city of Luxembourg is full of museums : Museum of natural history, Museum of the Bank, Museum of the history of the city of Luxembourg, Museum of trams and buses, Museum of Post and telecommunications,... are an integral part of the Luxembourgian cultural heritage.

A very renowned museum remains essential in Luxembourg : the MUDAM. Also known as the "Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean", it remains one of the most visited museums in the city.

A contemporary architecture for the Modern Art Museum in Luxembourg

Located high up in the Dräi Eechelen Park, against the Thungen Fort, the MUDAM has a contemporary architecture that perfectly blends with the green environment in which it is located. Designed by the Chinese-American architect Eoh Ming Pei, this glass and stone structure inaugurated in 2006 is now part of the most famous cultural sites of Luxembourg. The collection and the Museum's exhibitions are spread over 3 floors and more than 4.800 square meters.

A meeting of disciplines and origins

As a cultural hotspot, the MUDAM is intended to be a meeting point for all disciplines and contemporary, national or international techniques. For this reason, in the entire museum, sculpture gets close to painting, the drawings are mixed with photographs, graphic design blends with other design creations. There, we discover not only international contemporary artists, from all countries, but also local or regional productions constantly put forward. Evolving and very varied, the MUDAM collection testifies to human creativity in all its forms. More than a hundred artists are indeed exposed.

Tailor-made tours at the MUDAM

At the MUDAM, the customer is king. All kinds of visits are therefore possible, in order to best adapt the exploration of the museum to the desires of the customers. Complete or partial, totally free or supervised, in groups or individually, didactic or recreational visits are offered by the establishment. To optimize the usability of the site, a MUDAM coffee shop has also been implemented within the building, so that Art will mix with relaxation. The museum also features the Mudam Studio (intended to perform deeper workshops on Art), the Mudam Auditorium (more targeted for projections) and the Medialab (a room intended to broadcast, on several screens, all forms of support relating to Art). The museum also offers cultural programs intended primarily for adults, free animations and activities for children from 2 to 12 years (the Mudamini), as well as family visits.

Practical info about MUDAM Luxembourg

Mudam Luxembourg - 3, Park Dräi Eechelen - L-1499 Luxembourg.

The MUDAM is open from Wednesday to Friday from 11.00 am to 08.00 pm and from Saturday to Monday from 11.00 am to 06.00 pm. The entrance fee is EUR 7 for adults, EUR 5 for those under 26 year-olds and the groups, and free for the under 21 year-olds, children and students. The bus lines 1 and 16 as well as the Eurobus stop there. Mudam website here.

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