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Communal elections 2017 are approaching: in practical terms...

Communal elections in Luxembourg wil take place next october. Who can vote? From what age? Under what conditions? Here is the essential information you need to know about the right to vote in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg there are 3 types of elections: municipal elections, parliamentary elections and European elections.

For municipal elections: what are the compulsory conditions to be an elector and to vote?

Be 18 years old on election day,
Residing in Luxembourg for at least 5 years at the time of registration on the electoral roll,
Register on the list of electors at least 86 days before the elections.

Please note: voting is mandatory.
On election day, you must vote or you will receive a fine. Unlike Luxembourgers, persons of another nationality may be removed from the electoral list at any time.

How do I register on the voters list?

You must simply go to the municipal administration of your place of residence before 13 July 2017 and bring you a valid identity document (identity card, passport).
As a citizen of a country of the European Union, it is possible to register for the European elections at the same time as the communal elections.
More info:

NB: in the event of a change of address the person concerned is automatically registered in the municipality of his / her new domicile.

You must complete a pre-printed form, a formal declaration specifying your nationality, your address and the fact that you have not forfeited the right to vote in your country of origin. Once registered, you will be automatically summoned to every communal election.

To participate in the next municipal elections in October 2017, you must register before July 13, 2017. Persons of foreign nationality - under certain conditions - may be candidates for municipal elections. Learn more about communal elections : it's here.

Is voting by correspondence possible?

Voting by correspondence is possible for voters:

Aged over 75 years,
Who can not move for health reasons,
Who can not present themselves in person at the polling station for duly justified professional or personal reasons,
Who live in a municipality other than the one where they are called to vote.

The request for voting by correspondence must be sent to the College of the Mayor and the Aldermen at the earliest 10 weeks and at the latest 30 days before election day.

For the European elections, three conditions are compulsory:

Be at least 18 years of age,
Be domiciled in Luxembourg,
Be entered on the list of electors at least 86 days before the elections.

Finally, for the legislative elections, there are two conditions:

Be at least 18 years of age,
Being of Luxembourg nationality.
On the communal elections see also: JUST ARRIVED @ Le Bistrot de Céline at Radio Ara.

To know more about voting rights in Luxembourg, click here.