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Carloh, car sharing in Luxembourg!

We may all be familiar with the Vel’oh concept on offer in the city centre and surrounding areas, the Carloh concept however is brand new but everyone is talking about it…

It is not the same carpooling, Carloh is an initiative of the Luxembourg City and is actually car sharing. The idea is not sharing a journey with other people but sharing a car!

How does carsharing Carloh work?

The concept might not be that clear but how it works is really quite simple: at each Carloh station there are two 5-door vehicles available for users to use a car for a specific duration: a Volkswagen Polo Trendline and an Opel Meriva. Why?

To allow the population to be able to use a car when they need one and hence reduce pollution and traffic caused by the surplus of cars in the city today.

After a little training session and briefing any person with a driver’s license can use this service. A great way to benefit from a car without the disadvantages, and further more it is reasonably priced. A real transport revolution in Luxembourg!

Where are the stations Carloh, car sharing in Luxembourg ?

As an Eco mobility option Carloh is presented as an additional means of public transport and car sharing in Luxembourg. There are currently 5 stations in Luxembourg. They are located in the Station area, Limpertsberg, Bonnevoie and Belair. If you would like to use Carloh then all you have to do is sign up on their website and reserve your vehicle!

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