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BPM and Georjette make online shopping easier!

Nothing is more annoying than going to confirm your online order and finding out that they don’t deliver to Luxembourg! To solve this problem BPM and Georjette have teamed up to offer you other options …

 Thanks to BPM no more delivery restrictions

 BPM allows you to place your order anywhere in the world, even with those companies who don’t normally deliver abroad. Just log in, have your parcels delivered BPM’s forwarding addresses and wait until they are sent to your virtual BPM mailbox near you, for a reasonable price, quickly and ecologically. You will get an SMS notifying you when your parcel has arrived. So no more excuses not to buy that wonderful pair of shoes or gadget that you haven’t been able to get hold of due to delivery restrictions…

 Georjette is not just any other courier

Georjette, shopping addict and courier for BPM has become the site’s official blogger. She still carries on with her job as a courier but no longer has to hide the little “detours” from her boss. On her blog she shares all her good addresses and favourites in Luxembourg and abroad as well as providing logistical solutions if the websites don’t deliver to Luxembourg. She proves that you can find everything in Luxembourg or at least have it all delivered here.

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