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5 thing that surprises me when first arrived in Luxembourg, by our Bosnian ambassador

Life take us to different places and made us unexpected surprises. This means new experiences, new knowledge and an appreciation of the beauty of diversity. Here are my impressions when I arrived in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, center of different nationalities and cultures

Encountering different cultures and cultivation variety of customs is recognized and well supported in Luxembourg. It is very likely during walks through the city to hear every third passerby to talk a different language or even several of them, which is of course almost impossible in Bosnia. These facts leads to the feeling that in general don`t feel a stranger in a foreign country. Strange but true.

Public transport

Public transport is very well organized and works by well-established order, especially during rush hour. Autobuses usually have their own lanes, which is very practical and fast way of transferring. Very good connections between Luxembourg and other cites is carried out also by trains, which are practical and easily accessible as well.

Healthy habits in lunch time

Sounds motivating and fantastic but very likely in Luxembourg. Part of the lunch break used for a sports activity such as running or swimming, it really is a different concept of using time and the adoption of heathy habits. Many parks and swimming pools spread around the town provides excellent conditions for sport.

Maternity in Luxembourg

Another extremely positive experience at the beginning of our stay in Luxembourg as I was pregnant. In these special moments overflowed by different emotions, kindness and attention carried with smile and support by staff of clinic leaves the impression.

Diversity of products and variety of cuisines

The presence and influence of different worlds cuisines and an offer a variety of products makes it easier for everyday cooking but also provides the opportunity for exploring new flavors. For me as a person who really enjoy cooking it was one of the more impressive and precious experiences.

Djenita Durmic
Bosnian Ambassador for the Club of Just Arrived`s Ambassadors

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