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The Connections, a Job Fair for refugees in Luxembourg

A « job fair » for refugees, asylum seekers or simply migrants? JUST ARRIVED participates this sunday to the Connections event to support this interesting initiative. Nour, our syrian ambassador tell us all about it.

Many Luxembourg residents are trying to help with the integration process. Up to now there has been great effort from volunteers on the social integration and language courses, which have all been highly appreciated.

But after all, to live successfully in a place you need to have a job and make a living. To do that, there are lots of boxes you need to tick if you want to have a fair chance of getting a job. This can be a difficult task.

Things are not made simpler by the wave of refugees.They are people who lived a very similar life to yours, but lost everything including their home and family. However, that won’t keep them from trying arduously and smartly to be successful and independent individuals again and living in peace.

Come to The Connections Event this January

This is the first professional event taking place in Luxembourg and aims to help those among refugees and migrants that are looking to build their professional future and expand their career opportunities.

The event is going to be set as a job fair intended to give information and meaningful contacts to asylum seekers who have to wait a minimum of 6 / 9 months to get their work permit.

There will be several desks to help with CVs, diplomas, language courses, professional mentoring and life in Luxembourg coaching.

The idea initially came up in an Impact Monday, bimonthly meetings created and coordinated by Tiime that see citizen gathering for greater causes, and is now in partnership with ASTI (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés ASTI Asbl) which was looking to provide the refugees and immigrant with a similar help to integration.

The event is held in Hariko and supported by Nyuko, the International school of Luxembourg and Monoprix. The JUST ARRIVED team will be attending the event to coach new arrivals in all themes that are covered by the new resident guide. Copies of the paper guides, offered by the City of Luxembourg, will be distributed for free to asylum seekers, refugees or simply migrants.

This event wants, to help people currentlyhere, and in  the ones that will arrive, to find a way to be independent and able to create value for the country.

When & where to attend to Connections, Job Fair for refugees

31st January 2016, 2pm - 5pm at 1 Dernier Sol, Bonnevoie

Nour Jaara,
Syrian ambassador for the Just Arrived Ambassador Club

If you want to help refugees in Luxembourg, you can also contact associations