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Au Pain de Mary in Luxembourg : the art of bread making

The bakery « au pain de Mary » in Luxembourg-Gasperich is one of the best addresses for bakehouses in Luxembourg.

At « au pain de Mary » every product, from the traditional baguette, tourte de meule, spelt or buckwheat bread, is kneaded and baked on the premises. Tried and tested by the Just Arrived team.

 Artisan Bread with red label flour for every taste

« Au Pain de Mary » all the bread is prepared with red label flour and cooked in ovens which you can see from the inside of the shop.

There is bread for every taste: traditional, pumpkin, cereals, even chorizo, cranberry or nuts depending on what takes the bakers fancy. Our favourite is Mary’s baguette, which is rolled in durum wheat semolina making it crusty, yet light.

Delicious pastries and handmade chocolates

The pastries are also worth the detour. We liked the cupcakes, pure butter cakes, the « désirade » cake with blackberries and raspberries and the 3 chocolate dessert, so delicious! Easter is on its way and the bakery is preparing chocolate rabbits, eggs, chickens and other treats.

Eat in the place or take away service

Peckish? « Au Pain de Mary » has a selection of quiches, salads and excellent pain-bagnats to take away or eat in.

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