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Art Exhibition at the Association Dante Alighieri Luxembourg

The aim of the Italian Association Dante Alighieri Luxembourg is to promote Italian culture and the Italian language as well as integration and opening up to other countries.

From the 12th June, Dante Alighieri is spotlighting Spanish artist Belén Irazola Uribe.

Belén Irazola Uribe a spanish artist in Luxembourg

Originating from Bilbao (Spain), Bélen Irazola Uribe is an accomplished artist passionate about her painting since 10 years. Having lived in Madrid, Paris, the UK, Asia and currently in Luxembourg she gets her inspiration from her experience, encounters and discoveries abroad to create touching and elegant paintings.

Belén Irazola Uribe’s abstract paintings charm you with their harmony of grey, taupe, white and beige tones. Interspersed with contrast by playing with the source of light, the artist as able to create softer paintings, which touch you with their sense of calm and fulfilment that they capture. Acrylic, pastel, pigments, Belén beautifully mixes the techniques to paint contemporary, timeless and decorative works of art. 

She has had exhibitions in Luxembourg (Sofitel Luxembourg, Capellen and Vianden) and very recently at the Château de Bourglinster. She generously takes part in « Art for Cure ».

Opening on 12th June from 6pm at the Gallery Dante Alighieri, 11 rue Ulric (Luxembourg-Grund) Exhibition lasts 1 month, information from the artist by appointment.

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We liked

  • Multi cultural event
  • The artist’s style
  • The beautiful paintings

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