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Apps! Don’t leave home without them!


Are you an Expat and have just arrived in Luxembourg, or were you born here? To make integration or just everyday life in Luxembourg easier, check out this list of super smart phone Apps!

Just arrived in Luxembourg or looking for some good ideas?

To really make the most of what Luxembourg has to offer, follow our guide or rather our selection of phone Apps which can help you learn Luxembourgish, get you around town, find you a babysitter, let you know when your favourite band is playing or lets you keep in touch with your loved ones all over Europe!

Apps to Learn Luxembourgish

Yes Luxembourg is a multilingual country, but learning the basics of the local language is always a good thing. The App Battaklang makes it easy and fun to learn. If you want to learn how to write in Luxembourgish then get the App Luxdico, the French Luxembourgish phone dictionary, and Tip top!

Ready to explore Luxembourg?

You have to get the App, which gives you the times, and routes for all means of public transport in Luxembourg, and add M-ticket so you can buy your ticket via your smartphones. For bike lovers the App AllBikesNow shows you the availability and location of Luxembourg City’s self-service bike system (Vél’oH). And if you take your car then the App Call2Park means you can avoid getting a parking fine if you don’t have the residents parking permit!

Apps to ensure a great night out!

Don’t leave home without the Apps to show you the best places to go for a drink in Luxembourg: The Bar Corner or the best local restaurants:

And as you will have used the App BSit to find the perfect babysitter and checked that it will be sunny using the App Météo Luxembourg, you can really relax and enjoy your evening. Fancy a bit of music to finish off the night at the Rockhal, the Rotondes, the Atélier or the Philharmonie? But of course! Because thanks to the Apps Songkick concerts or Eventbrite you will already know what’s on!

Some more top tips from Just Arrived?

Did you know that Luxembourg City along with Esch-sur-Alzette, Bertrange and Strassen offer a whole range of services via You will find everything from tourism, news to services in the Commune! And not forgetting the new App Luxembourg Card, the quick way to get money off your visits to the country’s attractions!

Apps to help you go further afield than Luxembourg

Do you fancy exploring other European destinations in the holidays? Take the Apps CFL Mobile App (train) BlaBlacar (car sharing) Waze (maps and traffic) AirB&B or Maps Me.

Free Roaming throughout Europe

Make sure you have the right phone contract to use all these Apps under the best possible conditions.

With the service provider Tango you can use all these Apps, since April, without any roaming charges throughout Europe, as well as enjoying high call volume, sms and data 100% to and from Europe. You can benefit from 4G+ in Luxembourg and Europe thanks to the partnership with Vodafone.

With the Tango Smart contracts there are no more restrictions or cuts to the service at the borders! Something the cross border workers will appreciate.
Off to Portugal, the Basque country or Amsterdam? Stay in touch with your loved ones by sending postcards and photos with the App Touchnote! If you are more adventurous and travel outside of Europe then keep an eye on your consumption and adapt your options to suit your requirements with the App

Practical Information

Find the subscription type which best suits your needs on

And the Apps…
Luxembourg card

CFL Mobile App (train)


SongkickEventbriteBlaBlacarWaze,  AirB&B,  MapsMe Can be found at the App Store or Play.Google