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Application forms for study financial assistance now available

Do you plan to study and want to get financial support from the Luxembourgish Administration ? Does your child undertake a university course and do you wish to apply for financial assistance? The forms are now available until April 30 !

Be careful however, the forms to be completed are different for each situation ! Explanations...

Financial support and grants to help you to make studies

Scholarships and loans have been implemented by the State to allow young people wishing to undertake studies to do so despite a low income or the absence of financial support from their parents. The amount of these grants depends on the profile of the student and his parents. An online simulator for the scholarships and financial supports allocated according to these different profiles is available here.

What preconditions to benefit from financial support?

In order to benefit from this financial support from the State, the student must be enrolled (full-time or part-time) to a higher education study certificate which is formally recognized, ending up with a certificate of achievement (diploma, degree, certificate, ...).

Two separate statuses, depending on residents or non-residents in Luxembourg

These grants are divided first according to two different statutes : the Luxembourgian resident status and the non-resident status, which should both meet a certain number of requirements (available on the website of in order to obtain scholarships or loans. Applications may be requested until April 30, 2016, in paper format (that you can acquire at the CEDIES) or via electronic form.

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