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Another way of getting around in Luxembourg

Even if Luxembourg is really well linked in terms of  public transport, it is still interesting to get around in a less conventional and more ecological manner…

For example why not try sustainable mobility? Less polluting and often more humane and physical, there are a number of options in Luxembourg.

By bike, do your workout on your way to work

In Luxembourg, thanks to the company Vél’oh, bikes are available 24/7 on a self-service basis for those short journeys. There are vél’oh stations all over the place, near shops, popular places and public transport. There are various subscription possibilities, which means you can use the Vél’oh service for a whole year or just a day. In a similar vein the association « Vélo en ville » allows you to rent bikes and gear for the whole family.

Car sharing, cheaper and less hassle

With car sharing in Luxembourg you can get to work without taking the train or paying a fortune for petrol. The concept? Share the journey and it’s costs with other people. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint but also you reduce your petrol and parking costs. To test this means of transport there are a number of carsharing websites, you just need to check if there are journeys scheduled which meet your requirements.

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