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Ambassadors portrait in Luxembourg : Maria Berg, from Brazil

Maria Berg, a sparkling mixture of Brazilian, German and Luxembourgish culture in one woman! Her motto? Smile at life everyday!

Living in Luxembourg, she joined the Just Arrived Ambassadors Club to be a link between her community and Luxembourg

Maria, how long have you been in Luxembourg?

I’ve been living in Trier for 10 years now, but I lived 15 years in Luxembourg. I still work in Luxembourg. My last 25 years after having left São Paulo in Brazil were literally full of surprises. I did things that I would never have imagined doing. I went through all kinds of jobs. I worked as a housekeeper, teacher, nanny, lawyer, translator, medical assistant and project assistant.
I worked for both language schools and private companies. This allowed me to get to know the French and German culture and of course Luxembourg’s as well.

What did you study and what is your main activity in Luxembourg today?

I am a lawyer, graduated from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil.
I subsequently obtained an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Now I work at  Paul Wurth and I also teach Portuguese commercial and contract law at the University of Trier since 1992 .
In addition, I have always been involved in volunteering in Africa and Brazil and now in Luxembourg where I met some great people. I am the vice-president of the non-profit association Trauerwee  in Luxembourg which accompanies children and adolescents, who have lost a loved one, in their bereavement path. The association’s objective is to provide help to accept their new situation and to promote a healthy grieving process.

Can you describe your life in Luxembourg in 3 adjectives?

For me, Luxembourg is a romantic, idyllic and a multicultural place.

What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you left the country tomorrow?

The greenery of Luxembourg’s nature  as well as the colours of the flag of the country.

What is your favourite district in Luxembourg?


Could you give an example of a word almost impossible to translate into another language?

«Tip Top»

Why did you decide to join the Just Arrived Ambassador Club?

When I arrived in Luxembourg, I would have liked to meet this type of organization that could have helped me to settle in Luxembourg. Now, I am delighted to work to welcome newcomers. Just Arrived is a very good idea!


If you were a power, what would it be?
Magic power

If you were a kind of book?

If you were a season?

If you were a spice?

If you were shoes?

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