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Ambassadors Portrait in Luxembourg: Luciele Milani from Brazil

Luciele, you come from Brazil. How long have you been in Luxembourg?

I have been living in Luxembourg since January 2002. I arrived in Luxembourg together with the Euro!

What reason took you to Luxembourg?

My husband’s work. He was transferred here from Spain for a 2 years assignment.

What studies did you do and what is your main activity in Luxembourg?

I have a bachelor in Business Administration (4years) obtained in Brazil and a Masters Degree in Learning and Development in Multicultural and Multilingual environments from the University of Luxembourg.

I work for The House of Training - ATTF (Financial Technology transfer agency) Pillar -  We empower professionals from the finance sector of the partner countries to construct a performing banking system and fight frauds and money laundering.

In parallel, I am a trainer at OLAI, Office Luxembourgeois d’Accueil et Intégration ( Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency) - , in the framework of the welcome and integration contract. I give the Citizenship course which has the purpose of giving an overview of the Luxemburgish history, share the local traditions, discuss about intercultural competence and how to better integrate on a multicultural and multilingual society. I am also a volunteer for the HubDot a women networking through story telling, where I work as a connector during their inspiring events. I am also part of the committee who organizes the festival du film brésilien, a film festival with the ambition of showing the Brazilian film industry and its professionals. But my most important project is my family. I am married to a fantastic man I am mother of two awesome boys aged 16 and 17.   

Can you give me 3 adjectives to describe your life in Luxemburg?

Easy, sure and challenging.

What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

The multiculturality of its population.

What is your favourite district in Luxemburg?

The Grund

Can you give me an exemple of a word in your mother tongue that is difficult to translate in another language?

Saudade – which is a very specific word to express that we miss someone or a place.  

For which reason you have decided to join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadeur Club ?

I am a natural ambassador. It is in my DNA to connect people, to open doors, to build bridges, to help empowerment and to share. As I am a strong believer in the power of sharing, it was just natural for me to do it in a more structured way. I am thankful to Just arrived to have invited me to join this amazing group of generous people.


If you were a power, what would you be? Justice

If you were a book, which genre would you be? Travel Guide

If you were a season what would you be? Spring

If you were a spice what would you be? Cinamon

If you were a pair of shoes what would you be? Walking boots

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