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Ambassador Portrait: Sara, from Italy

Interview of Sara Coggiola, Italian and living in Luxembourg. Just Arrived Ambassador for her italian community in the Grand-Duchy

How long have you been in Luxembourg?

I have been living in Luxembourg for nearly 3 years.

What reason took you to Luxembourg?

We came because of my husband work.

What studies did you do and what is your main activity?

I've always been passionate about different cultures therefore I studied foreign languages. I am currently a Cross Cultural Coach and trainer. I also have an online business for Eco friendly and Ethically crafted accessories for kids.

Can you give me 3 adjectives to describe your life in Luxembourg?

Exciting, Hectic, Rewarding. Can I add one more? Blooming ;)

What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

Pragmatic and efficiency of services, clean public spaces, general feeling of safety.

What is your favourite district in Luxembourg?

I don't have a favourite district, I like every one for its differences.

Can you give me an exemple of a word in your mother tongue that is difficult to translate in another language ?

Our comedian and screenwriter Roberto Benigni, (Life is beautiful) stated in an interview that the word "allegria" belongs only to Italians and it's impossible to translate. I think that in a certain way of perceiving it, he is right.

For which reason you have decided to join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadeur Club?

I decided to be part of the "extended" family Just Arrived Ambassadors community represents in order to be able to give back to other families in transition in need of a place to address their questions.


If you were a power, what would you be? I would be an Optical power: "is the degree to which a lens, mirror, or other optical system converges or diverges light.2 Ex. Wikipedia.

If you were a book, which genre would you be? A tragicomedy. I am a dual-natured Libra

If you were a season what would you be? I would be the transition from spring to summer.

If you were a spice what would you be? Nutmeg, an accent to a basic bechamel sauce.

If you were a pair of shoes what would you be? Tango shoes, not too high heels, but with an exuberant twist.

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