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Adopting a dog in Luxembourg: what are the obligations?

You live in Luxembourg and want to adopt a dog? Then there are certaian administrative procedures you need to know about.  Because becoming a dog owner in Luxembourg is not as simple as it sounds, here's what you need to know before you adopt your pet.

Getting your dog an electronic chip

When you become the owner of a dog, you are required to have it chipped  by a licensed veterinarian. Why ? Because should the animal get lost or cause damage the owner can be directly identified. The electronic identification of your dog must be done during the first 4 months after birth or during the first month of adoption.

Declare your dog at the commune of your residence 

It is compulsory: as soon as you become the owner of a dog, you must declare it to your administration using a veterinary certificate. You are also required to present "a document attesting that a contract of insurance has been concluded with a company authorized or authorized to operate in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg guaranteeing the civil liability of the dog holder for damage caused to third parties by the 'Animal'. Also, an additional mention must be made when declaring the adoption of a dog considered likely to be dangerous.

Pay a tax for your dog

An annual fee of a minimum value of 10 euros is to be paid to your municipality. The amount of this depends on your place of residence. Guide dogs, dogs for the handicapped and dogs of the army and customs are not affected by this tax.

Keep your dog on the leash

One of the most important obligations when you have a dog: in agglomeration, all dogs (from the smallest to the biggest) must be kept on a leash unless zones of freedom are set up via a derogation.

This also applies to car parks and public transport. Outside the built-up area, there is no obligation to keep your dog on a leash, but an obligation to be able to control it or to keep it on a leash in case of a problem. However, dogs considered potentially dangerous must be kept on a leash anywhere unless a certificate of success in a training centre can be presented. It should be noted that special provisions must be made when adopting a dog considered likely to be dangerous.

Where can you adopt a pet in Luxembourg ?