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ADEM launches a new platform for job seekers and recruiters!

Whether you are a resident or an expat who is looking for a job in Luxembourg, you ought to rejoice about this piece of news : a new job search platform has been launched in Luxembourg.

Adem has inaugurated a new way to apply and seek for a job online: the Joboard !

 Joboard, a service for jobseekrs and recruiters in Luxembourg 

The Joboard is a service to support both jobseekers and recruiters in their research. In fact, every person registered on the platform can post or consult CVs there, completely anonymously. While companies will have the choice and have access to a computerized database listing many CVs, the job seekers, for their part, will benefit from visibility and guarantee of anonymity. Recruiters can also post announcements and vacant positions within their companies to allow candidates to apply.

ADEM makes the link between Joboard and the job interview

If a company or a recruiter is particularly interested by the profile of a candidate, ADEM itself will provide the contact information of the candidate to those principally concerned, in order to establish a direct link between the two parties. According to, ADEM would be able to post about 17 000 CVs and 3500 ads on Joboard. This initiative will surely complete the already full range of Luxembourgian job search websites, while ensuring at the same time respect for privacy as well as easier contact !

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